26 / Sep 2017

Privacy in a World of Data Evolution & Technology Convergence

On September 26, 2017, the Policy Forum hosted a panel discussion, Privacy in a World of Data Evolution & Technology Convergence, as part of our commitment to bring together policymakers, academia, industry and other experts. This symposium featured a …

24 / Aug 2017

Town Hall on Tax Reform with U.S. Rep. Kevin Brady & Randall Stephenson

“Go bold, go permanent, and go now” – that’s the message Rep. Kevin Brady, Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee of the United States House of Representatives, has heard from citizens around the country on tax reform. And Rep. …

6 / Jul 2017

Next Generation Networks: The Advent of Open Operating Systems

Click the icon above to watch archived footage of the event.

Ten years ago Apple introduced the world to the iPhone.  Just prior to that launch, who could have predicted the capabilities and robust consumer interaction with smartphones that now …