Smart Cities

AT&T Smart Cities: Helping make your city cleaner, safer and stronger.

Cleaner: Conserving energy and natural resources with modern technology

  • Pay-as-you-go to save energy: Cities account for 70% of global energy use.1 With Internet of Things (IoT) technology like smart meters, utility companies can give users real-time information on usage and the option to prepay their bill. Homeowners can then monitor usage reports and make on-the-spot decisions to save energy and money.
  • Monitor pipelines and conserve water: A typical water pipe leak wastes almost 400,000 gallons of water per year.2 Using sensors and acoustic technology we can detect water pressure, temperature and leaks to help cities make more informed decisions, extend the life of their systems, save money and conserve water.

Safer: Promoting safety and improving infrastructure

  • Remotely monitor infrastructure: With remote monitoring of roads, bridges, parks and other venues, maintenance crews can quickly identify hazardous road conditions and detect bridges and roadways that may  need repairs.
  • Manage traffic signals and pedestrian traffic patterns: Cities can help create a safer event experience by monitoring and managing traffic lights and pedestrian routes at stadiums, parks and busy intersections.

Stronger: Improving life in modern cities

  • City mobile apps to engage citizens: Mobile apps can enhance civic engagement by connecting with citizens about bus and rapid transit schedules, road closures, health information and other community alerts.
  • Manage street lights remotely: Smart lighting lets maintenance crews remotely manage a city’s entire lighting system. An app shows every faulty light in a city. Maintenance crews no longer waste time and fuel driving around town to find and replace broken bulbs. This efficiency saves money for taxpayers and cities.

AT&T Smart Cities solutions deliver progress for cities through public-private collaboration

  • Working together to solve modern problems through innovation: These unique collaborations help cities identify and prevent potential challenges by developing innovative private sector solutions.
  • Saving money for cities and taxpayers: When companies, including AT&T and others, join together to solve modern challenges, cities can save taxpayer money and reinvest those resources into priority initiatives such as parks, new roads and important services.
  • Strengthening connections between government and citizens: AT&T Smart Cities connects city governments and their citizens like never before. Through real-time monitoring, citizens will find a safer, cleaner and more connected city – A Smart City.

AT&T Smart Cities: Dallas

AT&T is leading the way in ‘smart’ urban development and testing smart city pins IoT navigation in Dallas.

The Smart Cities “Living Lab” launched in the Dallas West End district on March 27 with a digital kiosk containing information for travelers, LED street lights which brighten up when there are more people, and other technological enhancements made possible with the Internet of Things (IoT).

Leading the collaboration is the Dallas Innovation Alliance (DIA), a coalition of organizations and individuals committed towards building the city of the future. AT&T is helping the DIA assemble some of the largest and most innovative IoT solution providers in the world.

The benefits of future smart cities might include:

  • Communicating with citizens via smart devices
  • Connecting citizens’ smart devices to public air quality data
  • Wi-Fi availability
  • Smart lights which dim when no one is nearby,
  • Smart parking to inform drivers of open spots
  • Smart traffic lights which help manage the flow of traffic
  • Smart water conservation efforts

In 2016, AT&T introduced a smart cities framework to help cities develop a holistic smart city strategy that will ultimately create safer more sustainable environments for their citizens. The framework includes four pillars — highly secure connectivity, technology platforms, strategic alliances and vertically integrated solutions.

AT&T is establishing its leadership in this growing and innovative market. In addition to Dallas, AT&T is also working with several other cities including Miami, Atlanta, and Chicago to pilot smart cities technology.

The AT&T Smart Cities initiative is a collaborative effort between the public and private sector. In fact, AT&T has formed strategic alliances with technology leaders, industry organizations, the developer community and the local city government to ensure they are deploy solutions that will address a city’s current and future needs.

AT&T Smart Cities: Dublin


AT&T is committed to help build smarter cities – in the U.S. and abroad. We have signed an agreement with IDA Ireland and Dublin City Council to collaborate and exchange information about smart cities solutions.

This initiative will foster an open dialogue of IoT best practices with Ireland and Dublin, which is developing into a leading IoT location.

This collaboration will also explore opportunities to work with other organizations on IoT-related development projects across the country, including Dublin’s Docklands IoT project.

Smart cities solutions can offer citizens many benefits in sustainability, transportation, public safety, infrastructure and more.

As part of our smart cities initiative in the U.S., we are currently working with several of our spotlight cities including Dallas, Chicago and Miami-Dade County on projects ranging from water conservation to intelligent lighting to citizen engagement.

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