Opening up ECOMP

SDN and ECOMP: SDN allows us to move to a software-centric network running on a cloud environment. Think of our network as a giant computer and ECOMP is the brain, the operating system that manages it.

  • SDN stands for software-defined network. This software-centric cloud environment creates a better, more secure, faster, and more cost-effective network where resources and functions are controlled dynamically.
  • ECOMP stands for Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy. ECOMP is the brain, the operating system that manages the network. It helps us to automate network functions and size the network instantly to enable the best customer experience.
  • ONAP stands for Open Network Automation Platform and will allow end users to automate, design, orchestrate, and manage services and virtual functions.

“Opening up ECOMP” means making it available for others to use

Our AT&T ECOMP software code and the Open Orchestrator Project (OPEN-O) are merging to create the new Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Project at the Linux Foundation. AT&T is opening up not just the software code for third-party operators, developers and other groups, but also information like documentation and educational videos. Making two sample use cases (one on virtual security firewall and one on virtual dynamic networks) that will be placed on a public cloud for users to access.

Opening up ECOMP is a game-changer & benefits the entire ecosystem.

  • Opening up ECOMP is a game-changer. It seeks to create a common platform for building communications services within a software based network cloud.
  • The initiative invites a global communications ecosystem to explore, contribute to, test, integrate and deploy the code. By providing a common, open source, standards-based platform, it promotes a global standard for these kinds of technologies.
  • Everyone wins from standards. For example, cars and planes are built based on standards. With standards, we and others in the ecosystem can offer customers the best experience when interacting with each other on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Accelerating Innovation with ECOMP & ONAP


Download AT&T’s one pager on ECOMP.
The Linux Foundation Announces Merger of Open Source ECOMP and OPEN-O to Form New Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Project. Read the full announcement.
Download our accelerating innovation with ECOMP & ONAP one pager.