Disaster Recovery

AT&T is the only telecommunications company with a disaster response program certified by the Department of Homeland Security

AT&T is committed to keeping its customers connected during the upcoming hurricane season – before, during and after storms. We have one of the industry’s largest and most advanced continuity and disaster response programs to make sure our networks stay up and running.

We’re prepared with a fleet of equipment ready for deployment, including hundreds of technology recovery and support trailers. We invested over $600 million in our Network Disaster Recovery program (NDR).

We’re increasing our NDR fleet with new deployables to support first responders as part of our public-private partnership to deliver FirstNet’s nationwide public safety broadband network.

AT&T will have more than over 700 pieces of equipment, including our Cell on Wheels (COWs), Cell on Light Trucks (COLTs), trailers, generators and more available to maintain our network and benefit the first responders who use our network.

The NDR team is also looking to use Flying COWs (Cell on Wings) in the future to provide emergency cell coverage for first responders and the public if our network is damaged during a storm. We could one day send a Flying COW into areas where flooded roadways might prevent a traditional COW (Cell on Wheels) from being deployed.

AT&T is the only telecom company to recently become re-certified under new international standards (ISO 22301) by the Department of Homeland Security for the disaster preparedness program.

Our NDR team recently completed its 77th full-field recovery exercise this year. The AT&T Global Network Operations Center monitors our networks 24/7. Since forming in 1991, the NDR has responded to more than 70 events in the U.S.

Response equipment readied in the wake of an event includes:

  • Mobile cell sites and mobile command centers.
  • Emergency communications vehicles.
  • A self-sufficient base camp.
  • Hazmat equipment and supplies.
  • Technology and support trailers to provide infrastructure support and mobile heating ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Internal and external resources for initial assessment and recovery efforts.

Download our Disaster Recovery One Pager.