AT&T’s Cybersecurity Protections

AT&T helps protect data from end to end, at rest and in motion, across each layer that comprises a network connection.

  • The Device Layer – Protecting the hardware (the “thing” that is connected);
  • The Connectivity Layer – Embedding security in the network;
  • The Data/Application Layer – Protecting the data and apps connected to the network, whether in data centers or in public, private, or hybrid clouds;
  • The Threat-Analysis Layer – Using machine learning and advanced threat analysis to understand how hardware is being used, where it is being used and who is using it.

At AT&T, we provide holistic protection through our People, Processes, and Tools

  • AT&T Threat IntellectSM is more than a suite of security services. It’s the security foundation built from the people, processes, products and tools that form our security backbone.
  • Threat Intellect provides unparalleled visibility into the data patterns and threat activity across our network, using multitudes of unique threat signatures and constantly adapting to the latest security issues.
  • The power of Threat Intellect gives us the ability to process 5 billion actual threat events, a full day’s worth of activity for all of our security customers combined – in only 10 minutes.
  • Threat Intellect automates the deployment of security protections. We estimate that this automation will improve the speed at which we can deploy security protections by over 95%, greatly improving threat detection and resolution.

Our move to a software-defined network (SDN) allows us to help maximize responsiveness, efficiency, and provide additional layers of security.

  • Using our leadership in Software-Defined Networking (SDN), we’ve become a leader in virtual security functions.
  • Becoming a leader in security function virtualization has enabled AT&T to de-couple hardware and software components of network security devices to provide security software as a service, extend capabilities into our enterprise, infrastructure and services and provide an open interface to interoperate with multiple vendors.


Protecting our customers: We are dedicated to helping protect you, and helping you protect yourself.