AT&T Innovations

AT&T Innovations programs have helped lead to new technologies, apps and services that improve lives at home, work and play. We’re speeding up development, bringing innovative products and services to market, and creating the future. Our outstanding network is at the center of our innovation. We’re encouraging innovation by providing access to network functions and intelligence. Today, we continue to build on our 140-year heritage of breakthroughs and innovations.

AT&T Entertainment
AT&T is bringing premium entertainment to consumers, virtually whenever and however they choose
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Software-Defined Networks
Software-Defined Networks provide customers with more control of their network services and handle growth simply by using software code to manage network capacity demands.
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Indigo Indigo
AT&T’s Indigo network of the future is all about bundling many network services and capabilities into a constantly evolving and improving platform powered by data
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The Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) and ECOMP (Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy) are fueling AT&T’s network evolution.
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5G 5G
At AT&T we are leading the evolution to 5G – the next and newest mobile wireless standard. 5G will transform the way you work, play and enjoy entertainment.
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Small Cells Small Cells
Innovative next-generation wireless network technology that will enhance development of AT&T 5G high-speed broadband service
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Fixed Wireless Fixed Wireless
Fixed wireless technology is a cost-effective way to deliver high-speed internet to customers living in rural and underserved areas.
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Project AirGig Project AirGig
Project AirGig may deliver high-speed broadband to urban, rural, and underserved areas using power lines.
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Drones/Flying COWS Drones Flying COWS
Drone-based solutions are helping AT&T maintain and enhance our network to more quickly and safely deliver an outstanding wireless experience.
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Smart Cities Smart Cities
AT&T is helping cities save money and preserve natural resources through Smart City technologies.
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Connected Cars Connected Cars
We’re working to help make cars safer, more efficient and more reliable through Internet of things (IoT) technologies.
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Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two new hot technologies that promise to enhance consumer engagement at-home, in-store, on-site, and anywhere where there’s a screen.
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Quantum Networking Technologies Quantum Networking Technologies
Quantum technologies will enable exponential more powerful computing capabilities and the development of emerging practical applications.
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AT&T Foundry for Connected Health AT&T Foundry for Connected Health
Focused on digital health innovations, the AT&T Foundry for Connected Health is a space for collaborating with hospitals, caregivers, administrators, and startups to address real-world clinical problems.
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Cybersecurity Cybersecurity
The Cybersecurity landscape is changing every day. AT&T helps protect data from end to end, at rest and in motion, across each layer that comprises a network connection.
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Public Safety Public Safety
AT&T seeks to advance public safety through FirstNet and other AT&T Disaster Recovery initiatives.
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