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AT&T helps millions of people and businesses around the globe stay connected through innovations and technological advances that have revolutionized and transformed our digital communications ecosystem. As the marketplace adapts to succeed in this changing landscape, the nation’s legal, policy, and regulatory framework continues to struggle to keep pace. Our mission at The Policy Forum at AT&T is to cultivate dialogue among academia, policymakers, industry leaders, and other interested stakeholders on the complex technological, business, and policy issues that promote the ability of networks of the future to develop their fullest potential.

The Policy Forum at AT&T promotes the exchange of ideas through the publication of its own original research, analysis, and commentary. It also hosts a rich and robust program of panel discussions, debates, roundtables, and presentations, featuring distinguished authors, prominent policymakers, influential thinkers, and other leaders on issues shaping the course of technology innovation.

Bob Quinn

A message from Bob Quinn, Senior Executive Vice President-External and Legislative Affairs

Welcome to The Policy Forum at AT&T. It’s here and through our quarterly symposiums and discussion forums that we intend to share with you how AT&T is helping shape the future of communications, from the living room to the cloud, and creating disruptive technologies in areas such as: Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Video, and Big Data and Data Management. We will also delve into the synergistic cycle that links public policy frameworks, technological innovations, investment and economic growth.

Today, our focus on innovation generates new ideas, solves complex issues, and speeds up the development process.  We put innovative products and services into the market, and develop the network and customer experience of the future.

It is our hope that you use this website as a resource. The concise one-pagers are meant to educate and inform. It’s a one-stop-shop for legislators, educators, and policy wonks.

At AT&T, we connect people with their world everywhere they live, work and play.  Every day we invest in new technologies to serve our customers better.  Innovation is leading our company’s effort to become the premier integrated communications company.

Thanks for visiting The Policy Forum and I hope, that in the coming months, you will be a regular visitor and have an opportunity to attend one of our upcoming events.

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